Get Living: London's Latest Victory

Get Living: London’s Latest Victory

Future living – the smart way – is no longer just about investment and postcodes. It’s about creating a beautiful environment for your family, a safe space for you, and a thriving local culture that nourishes…

The Truth About Keats... Romantic or Cockney?

The Truth About Keats… Romantic or Cockney?

Were you to stumble across a portrait of John Keats you’d encounter the face of a vibrant, classical 19th Century English gentleman. Further investigation would reveal him as a young poet of the Romantic era, intelligent enough to qualify as a medic at Guy’s Hospital, Southwark…

The Life and Times of George Formby, Britain's First Pop Star

The Life and Times of George Formby, Britain’s First Pop Star

The current popularity of the ukulele with everyone from retired Home Counties housewives to uber-cool East London hipsters makes it surprising that the name George Formby remains unknown outside a circle of dedicated fanatics. Once a huge draw at the UK box office, and at one time the highest paid entertainer in the country, Formby and his uke churned out a string of hit records in the 1930s and ‘40s…

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