If you are a pancake lover (err.. who isn’t?!) and wondered if there are more options than simply Nutella or lemon and sugar… you’ll be pleased to hear there is! WHERE THE PANCAKES ARE is the answer to all your sweet and/or savoury pancake quandaries.

We stopped by the recent pop-up event at HABITAT in the heart of Chelsea, where the restaurants founder, Patricia Trijbits, welcomed us with open arms, whilst balancing plates of pancakes (my new favourite woman… beating Nigella and Delia Smith in one, deftly professional flip of the frying pan!)

You may be wondering why pancakes came to HABITAT the interior design store (surely very messy?!) But actually the light, airy space and central location was serving as a homey taster to the new restaurant, which will be opening in London Bridge next summer. Start salivating.

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