Ahh, to be Holy. A heavenly body. A much-admired Saintly figure.


Sounds lovely, but… to be honest… like a lot of work. That’s why we’re so grateful to the kind folk over at Holy, who have made doing good (and being good!) extra easy.


Holy is a 100% plant-based and gluten-free meal prep service with nutrition and taste at its core. Meals are backed by scientific research and cooked up by top-class chefs in their London facility to then be delivered straight to your door. Holy includes a full nutritional breakdown of what you’re eating, with the aim of providing all the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients your body needs for incredible health. All the key nutrients our society is increasingly deficient in, such as Vitamin D, B12, C, A, K, Omega 3, Iodine, Iron, Selenium (and many others), are thoughtfully incorporated through plant-based sources. 

It’s common to exit the festive period in a somewhat fragile state. After a month of socially accepted alcoholism and dinners made up of very beige foods we may be feeling semi-functional and overstuffed to say the least. The guilt of January sets in and we cannot be blamed for falling into the ultimate trap: promising ourselves we’ll be healthier. Then feeling lost and disillusioned.


It can be hard to know where to start when wanting to implement changes, especially ones that’ll benefit both your body and the planet. Veganism, the sort where you don’t rely on a liquid diet of protein shakes as food substitute, can take time and dedication. It’s not easy to find the hours each day to create nutritious meals, unless you’re a glossy influencer paid to do it.


A common myth is that you can’t derive a sufficient amount of protein from a vegan diet, which is untrue, as Matt Martin, Marketing Manager at Holy explains, ‘all plant-based food contains protein. Even fruit and vegetables contain protein.’ And if extra protein is what you’re after, because you have a strong exercise routine, even this is catered for at Holy. They offer multiple plans tailored to suit individual needs. 

`We’re currently running four plans. We’ve got the slim plan, a light plan, a holy feast plan and a gains plan. The gains plan contains up to 100g of protein a day, which is more than your recommended intake. Perfect for people who are weight training or bodybuilding.’


If you find veganism intimidating as a meat enthusiast or you’re just a cheese-lover, the other thing about Holy is that despite its name, it does not preach. They are unusually helpful in allowing one to dip a toe into the plant life. You can choose anything from just three days subscription a week, to a full seven. 


Resolutions do not necessarily have to be made on the first day of the new year, the same way a plant-based diet isn’t limited to the novelty of a month like January’s Veganuary. It’s always a good idea to work more fruit and veg into your diet, and if you’re planning to, Holy is the answer to your prayers.

For more information, please visit the Eat Holy website


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