Uncoded: Crafting Intelligence, by D Contemporary

D Contemporary is pleased to present Uncoded: Crafting Intelligence, a group exhibition with Ami Clarke, Jiang Feng, John Rodovitis, Kyriakos Bournas, Selina Naouma and Tom White. The exhibition brings together a group of London based and international artists presenting paintings developed by word commands and sculptures that cross the boundaries of aesthetics, stepping into the human needs of today’s world. Reconsidering whether we can accept or exclude the quantification of crafts and redefine creativity through algorithmic systems, AI provides a novel perspective on old questions enabling new modes of artistic expression.

Jiang Feng, Pebbles, Installation, various sizes.

Traversing through imperceptible worlds and narratives stemming from transcendent ideals and myths, Kyriakos Bournas filters and examines the oceanic nature of our collective unconscious through the rational construct of algorithms to bring forth images that exist incoherently within it. Ami Clarke draws inspiration from the ancient mythology of the fates creating outcrops of spawn-like prosthetic eyes, reminiscent of surveillance capitalism, remains evocative of collective potential and projects near future developments as various forms of data. In the same essence, Jiang Feng sculptures aim to surpass its objet d’art attributes exploring the possibilities of relief from loneliness and replace the mandatory socialising. Questioning power relations, gender, Identity, and environmental and resource inequality Selina Naouma creates parallel futures where elusive, fantastic beings expand through notions of non-human intelligence and interspecies entanglement. Some of these themes are further analysed at John Rodovitis work as he explores the future and the evolution of the biological body resulting from the hybrid lifestyles between digital and physical realities. Investigating machine perception, Tom White creates physical abstract prints that are reliably classified by neural networks, planned through computer vision software and NSFW filtering algorithms like Google’s “SafeSearch”. By giving the algorithms a voice to speak in we are better able to see the world through the eyes of a machine.

GALLERY NAME: D Contemporary
ADDRESS: 23 Grafton Street, London, England, W1S 4EY
FINAL DAY: 17th December 2022


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