The Woven Field, By Tim Stoner

We’re proud to share Tim Stoner’s solo exhibition ‘The Woven Field.’ The large scale canvases included are all inspired by Stoner’s time spent in Ronda, Spain. These paintings can sometimes take years for Stoner to complete. To Stoner, paintings are like a time machine, a single moment captured and frozen forever. Once the brushstrokes are applied, the visual indication of a point in time is permanently placed.

What Stoner’s works catch however is a shift in experiences and memories overtime. As life continues, our perception of things change. Stoner’s time in Ronda was never represented in a single moment of time, therefore he constantly went back to his paintings, adding, wiping away and re-applying elements which resulted in the paintings encapsulating layers of moments that represented emotions and thoughts Stoner had amassed. This, in turn, created unique imagery that told the story of an individual’s journey.

Orchard by Tim Stoner

GALLERY NAME: Vardaxoglou Gallery
ADDRESS: 7 Royalty Mews (Dean Street), Soho, London, W1D 3AS
FINAL DAY: 9th July 22

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