The Wild Edges, By Jelly Green

Londnr is proud to present another series of works by Jelly Green. Her last series, ‘Burn’ was enthralling and violent, hot and dying. She returns in top form, eager to display the versatility of her vision with lush green portraits.

Lesser artists may flounder at the application of such thick blots of paint, may fail to create spectacle from such revelatory strokes and expose the artificial process of painting- 

Jelly however manifests texture, and honesty in her depictions of the British Wilds. Cowslip is deep and speckled with yellow flowers. Trentish trees are organic and alive in an almost alien way. Black tentacles reach across the canvass,  and one is reminded that nature, while often slow, is always burgeoning with new life. Nature is always on the move. 

Return to the ‘Wild Edges’ of Britain through the window-portal at the Rowley Gallery.


GALLERY NAME: Rowley Gallery

ADDRESS: 115 Kensington Church Street, London W8 7LN


FINAL DAY: July 30 


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