The Montcalm East

Shoreditch, East London in the middle of the night during that other, more gaudy, sensual rush hour. You need relief. Relief from the screeching of brakes, squealing of tires, honking of lorry horns, and the veritable buzz of commuters.
There is a haven however, shaped like a diamond on City Street. A hotel unlike others.

Life is easy to enjoy here. The concierge team charm, the cocktail-makers shake. The twinkly lights of the tunnel in the reception is a festive portal to a nicer, quieter world. It is so cleverly devised that the entire experience is like balm to the frantic, city-wearied soul.

Welcome to Montcalm East. Your room is waiting.

The comfort of the bed makes leaving the bedroom difficult but eventually you’re persuaded, called out by curiosity to explore the rest of the building. The space celebrates the rich history of the Shoreditch area by acknowledging its connection to the art and photography world, with an entire PhotoLab to explore. Communal areas flow with vibrant design and the added colour of interesting people, all enjoying the best of what’s on offer here.

The food focusses on seasonality and local produce where possible; to great effect. Happy faces dine all around and conversation flows freely, resulting in a certain rhythm and a beat that pulses all throughout the hotel.

Montcalm East distils the atmosphere of Shoreditch. The mad life exists on the outside of this alchemist’s flask, accessible when wanted, but easy to escape should the time come to find a mindful space to sleep.


HOTEL NAME:  The Montcalm East

ADDRESS: 151–157 City Rd, Hoxton, London EC1V 1JH

AREA OF LONDON: East London, Shoreditch

LINK: Homepage | Montcalm East Autograph Collection

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