The Garden Cinema: Return to a Bygone Era





An Art Deco facade, warm light emanating from tri-cone shaped sconces, plush chairs, soft carpets and just two small cinema rooms with no more than 76 seats each. Gorgeous, contemporary takes on classic film art decorate the walls, while the cosy roof of an Arcade – seamlessly woven into the architecture of the lobby – provides privacy. Intimate film experiences for an affordable price, celebrating the classics. And no, this is not a dream. Or rather, it’s a dream come true.


This is The Garden Cinema. It’s new, having just opened in the Covent Garden area, but its soul is as comfortingly traditional as they come. We had the pleasure of walking through the halls on opening day, exploring the den-like side rooms, engaging with the charming staff and sipping on whiskey at the glowing, crimson bar. What comes across immediately is the attention to the detail. 


A lot has gone into this passion project. For the founder’s parents were in the film industry, and The Garden Cinema feels like a love letter to this familial past.

If you feel like a good old-fashioned dose of the silver screen, go running. Sit down, close your eyes, open them again. You’ll be in Hollywood via Holborn… with the added boon of avoiding the air miles.  The Prince Charles’ cinema has fresh competition… and they’ve come in swinging.

For more about The Garden Cinema, please visit their website 

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Or to see their insanely well priced membership, look here

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