Screenwriting: Film Secrets

‘Screenwriting: Film Secrets‘ covered everything from how to launch your career, the realities of day to day life on set, scriptwriting tips and how to put together killer teams that culminate in awards and critical acclaim. With a diverse panel that spanned different facets of the industry we heard an entire range of experiences from our speakers.

Cynthia Okoye, the Film & TV agent for talent agency giant Curtis Brown, covered everything from when you need an agent to how to hook the perfect one and the schemes to look out for first-time filmmakers.

Chelsea Grant, the one-woman force who is the founder, producer, director, writer and actress at Kiwi Film House, disclosed the journey from first having an idea to getting on set and working internationally.

Finally, we had screenwriting star duo, Stefan Georgiou and Sam Bern who are currently co-writing a TV series. Their debut feature film, Dead Cat, won multiple awards on the international film circuit including Best Emerging Director at Oaxaca Film Festival, as well as being long-listed for the Outstanding Debut BAFTA in 2014.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our talk.

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