The Ormeley Dinner 2015

This past Saturday our editor was one of the lucky guests to be invited to The Ormeley Dinner 2015, a lavish evening dedicated to conserving our precious environment. Hosted at the historic Bridgewater House in the heart of Westminster, this private dinner was a dazzling function from first to finish. The night began with champagne in the stately halls of the St James mansion and drifted into an evening of dancing and laughing, hosted by Zac Goldsmith conservative MP and tied up beautifully by a performance by Sir Tom Jones. Londnr is thankful to have been a part of the spectacular function in support of the Ecology Trust and the Aspinall Foundation at Ormeley Lodge. Great company and an exquisite series of events all came together to make this a night to remember, and stood as a reminder to respect our planet and continue to help support this cause. Sadly, we weren’t allowed to take photos… So here’s the only sneaky shot we managed!

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