Theatre Review: ‘Hardboiled: The Fall of Sam Shadow’

Suspense at every turn… Satire with a side serving of slapstick… Pour in equal measures and you have Rhum and Clay Theatre Company’s kill thrill!

Directed by Beth Flintoff, Hardboiled: The Fall of Sam Shadow shakes together classic streaks of 1940s detective drama, and manipulates the magic of film noir for the stage.

The company’s co-artistic directors Christopher Harrisson, Julian Spooner and Matthew Wells are the gin, vermouth and topping olive that make this caper more mischievous than a martini in the morning.

A versatile cast, excellent creative team and innovative multi-purpose set design (which the actors swiftly reordered throughout, whimsically shifting from scene to scene) ensure a success. The stunning Jess Mabel Jones charmed us as the femme fatale, then tickled us as the quirky secretary, showing the high level of talent within company and cast members.

Run, run, run – for it runs only until the 27th! Again – The New Diorama never disappoints!

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