‘Getting Married Today’ Cabaret

A bride to be getting cold feet and questioning why marriage is an idea she entertained to begin with… Sound like a plot you’ve heard before. Well think again, and this time splash in a helping cabaret and you’ve got a hit!

Getting Married Today; playful and upbeat, was written by and starred Alice Powell and Amy Alexander, bringing us through a bevy of wedding woes in the most delightfully funny way! The intimate feel and musical numbers, accompanied by piano-playing Greg Arrowsmith lit up the venue. Recently renovated, The Pheasantry was the perfect setting for this production. (Do check out their other live shows).

Powell was a standout from start to finish, and the evening was topped off by sparkling floral arrangements created by conceptual newcomer Karolina Kosim.

Our editor would like to thank all those involved – who wouldn’t want an evening of pizza & performance?

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