Get Living: London’s Latest Victory

My god, does London ever rest? The sheer animation of our capital can be both dazzling… and dazing. We are witnesses to the daily hustle and bustle of people from the earliest inky blue hours. We see the frenetic pulse of the traffic, the ferocious momentum of everything and everyone passing through. And those of us that dare to call this place our home are ever-moving also. This city is for those striving to get somewhere, not for vague spectators. Built for those striking out boldly and bravely, for those making their mark. For hoping, living, seeing, dreaming. The Londoner itself is a rare and dynamic breed, but even the most energetic amongst us want to cosy up at the end of the day. Pop on our slippers, flick on the telly. Perhaps grab a pint at the local. Our home is our haven. We need it.

Of course, like many things in London, it’s rarely as simple as finding somewhere to hang our hats. Even the property lingo gives one a headache. Security deposits. Application fees. Brokers fees. Actually, the market is riven with endless bills. Think about it: parking fees, amenities fees, check-in fees. Contract charges. Admin charges. Service charges. Exhausting, exhausting, exhausting. For many of us, it’s simply too much on top of all our other duties. For those moving to the city, it gets even more confusing. Where should our kids go to school? Where can we go for a nice meal in the area? What’s the nearest gym to my flat? Get Living is the landlord we’ve all been looking for. They eliminate all the insidious costs, making renting easy and straightforward and simple. Though it’s not all money talk.

Get Living: London's Latest Victory

Get Living’s model is about more than convenience. East Village, their 67-acre neighbourhood in Stratford, is a pioneer of holistic living in the private rental sector, and as such, is at the forefront of some very inspiring new ideas. Future living – the smart way – is no longer just about investment and postcodes. It’s about creating a beautiful environment for your family, a safe space for you, and a thriving local culture that nourishes. For instance, Get Living makes a point of supporting public art in East Village. In 2018 Get Living sponsored an installation called ‘Subtle Shifts’ as part of London Festival of Architecture in East Village, providing a public space for the locals to take ownership of. Over the summer the space hosted a number of community-led events including salsa dancing, group mindfulness sessions and even a Kabbalah wedding. The social impact of being surrounded by art might come as a surprise, but research shows that encountering art on a daily basis has a serious impact on our wellbeing. Arts Council England shows school students who engage with art are twice as likely to volunteer as those who don’t, and 20% more likely to vote when they become young adults. Research also shows that society at large profits from a ‘spillover’ effect, meaning those who engage with art are happier, more fulfilled, have an opportunity to explore their identities. The result? Stronger community bonds, which can be hard to find in a metropolis like London.

To encourage social cohesion and, no doubt, to fuel the buzz of the neighbourhood, Get Living offers a rolling schedule of events alongside its hubs. Residents can join free sessions of outdoor yoga, or decompress over cocktails. Some 25+ restaurants and retailers can provide the scorching cappuccino for your morning stroll or the live DJ set to your Friday night. There’re bakeries, children’s play-areas, a nearby park for that breathe of fresh air we’re always gasping for. Events such as the Cheese and Beer Festival, Outdoor Film Screenings and Theatre of Light offer inclusive entertainment on your doorstep.

Get Living: London's Latest Victory

This approach has been garnered wider attention too; last year Get Living took home the title ‘Landlord of the Year’ from the RESI Awards for the fourth time, while East Village was announced the ‘Best New Place to Live’ at the London Planning Awards, as well as receiving the Mayor’s Award for Planning Excellence. And then there’s the latest addition to the neighbourhood: Victory Plaza. Adding to the 63 buildings that make up the East Village, Victory Plaza offers another 500 homes with glorious skyline views across London and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. For, let’s not forget, sport is the backbone to East Village, repurposed as it is from the Athlete’s Village built for the Olympians of 2012. That brings sustainability in as yet another force on Get Living’s agenda.

The idea of a utopia in an urban setting may seem to many Londoners as a laughable concept. But London has always been a city of unexpected innovation. With the rise of these abodes, Get Living has designed a complete ecosystem: a wholesome and hopeful sanctuary for a deliciously affordable price. It’s a true oasis in a concrete jungle.

To find out more from Get Living, please visit their homepage.

Get Living: London's Latest Victory

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