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When Did We All Become Such Uptight Douchebags?

I propose the question because it seems our nation – and the World in general – has gone completely cuckoo for political correctness. Yes, we live in 2015, and I’m the first person to call someone out for racist/sexist/homophobic and whatever sub-categories of prejudice there are these days. But really, is there any need to hang people for their use of slang when there was no malicious intent behind it? Or much less, when it comes from a gay man referring to other gay men as ‘batty boys’?

One of our readers felt I’d let myself down for using the term recently, as it’s “degrading”. Sure, perhaps if we live in a violent Jamaican culture. But it’s quite clear we don’t. Yes, the term is perhaps pejorative in other parts in the world, but in more developed parts, gay men have reclaimed it. In a society where homosexuality is no longer repressed, why should we be offended by dated slang? As it’s how I was referred to by the ‘cool’ kids at school (who are now bringing me my size 10s when I shop at JD Sports), I think it’s safe to say, things have changed. (Quick question: Is the term ‘batty riders’ unacceptable now too?)

I mean, why stop there? Should we therefore change the titles of our previous articles too, because the term ‘fag hag’ is a derivative from the word ‘faggot’ ? – Which I’m sure you’ll know is some ancient insult that ruffled feather boas way back when. Perhaps this one hits a little closer to home for some of us; as primarily used in North America before spreading to the UK. I mean, originally, “fag” was a contemptuous and degrading term used for women – but you don’t see them squabbling about it! But really, the joke isn’t funny if you get to the punch line first. That’s why the term ‘fag’ bothers less and less people as time goes on.

As for words like “queer”, honey where have you been? If anything, this is now a polite way to describe the gays. Some extra-politically correct organisations even insist on using the abbreviation LGBTQ to incorporate those that identify as queer – but aren’t quite sure where.

Of course, when said with malice some of these words can still be hurtful, but realistically they’re only offensive if you see homosexuality as a bad thing. I don’t know ’bout you, but I’ve moved on *throws glitter*. Calling a homo a ‘batty boy’, is like telling Lindsay Lohan she’s a mess – you can’t deny it… Just own it.

Similarly, many black people, especially rappers, use the word ‘nigga’ is their songs, as a term of familiarity to other black people. I see it as kind of an inside joke. If the people who were once verbally abused with these terms can’t then laugh about it with their friends, surely the bullies have won?

Unsurprisingly, a new wave of stone-throwing is also sweeping through the trans community. Of course, transitioning from one gender to another is a sensitive topic for many – but now articles that are even slightly tongue-in-cheek are berated as “transphobic”. Even when the author *waves* has worn more pairs of heels than the Victoria Beckham.

This comes after the entirely pointless kerfuffle around the word ‘tranny’. Most drag queens, and indeed transgender people, do not find this term offensive. And yet, even Ru Paul is being forced to remove the term ‘She Mail’ from his show.

When did everyone get so damn serious? Do people really not have anything better to do with their time than sit there and pick apart our language? Go and protest the election. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Help the homeless. But by God, (awaits claims of blasphemy), do something more worthwhile than trolling the internet for slang you’re, quite frankly, too idiotic to understand. Your ignorant comments are not changing the world.

The fuss around minute details become points of bickering, and end up actually taking time and validity away from bigger issues which we should still be fighting. Besides, it’s also a question of common sense – I think it’s quite clear when somebody is using a term derogatorily, and when they’re not. As a ‘batty boy’ myself, I think it’s pretty obvious that I was not. Just like when Kanye sings “nigga”, he’s not offending his black brothers. Nor is Ru Paul offending her drag sisters when she delivers “She Mail”.

The problem, is not racism/sexism/homophobia and whatever other sub-categories of prejudice there are these days, but rather uneducated fools that are far too willing to prosecute people for non-existent crimes. The persecutors are usually over-opinionated wannabe activists that are too lazy to get off the sofa and really stand shoulder to shoulder with us, or highly-strung virgins that need to take a chill; have a Valium, get laid.

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