Easiread! Downloading Books Straight to Your Brain!

Save time and energy with EasiRead, the easy-to-operate App that downloads the world’s literature directly into your brain.  No more time wasted on  choosing or reading books.  The EasiRead App does all the hard work for you, plugging a universe of stories straight to your cerebral cortex – a really EasiRead!

Post insertion, for the first few days, I was aware of some discomfort at link-up,

As if a spider had nested in the centre of my brain, a slight bibliographic oscillation

Between left and right halves. But now I feel nothing. The nano-mechanism

Controlling my capability no longer troubles me.  Thus, I am moved at once from

Human to Cyborg, neither creator nor created, but somewhere in between, the

Connect, a binary application, accessing a chain of written images that hum –

Inside my head.

Easiread! Downloading Books Straight to Your Brain!

With one smooth touch of bloodless android fingers, a hurricane

Of words downloaded directly into my synaptic-core, faster than the speed of

thought; I barely register their passage, barely acknowledge the unfurling

Story-line, the name of both hero and heroine an indifference to me, their dialogue

A blur of voices I have no need to hear.  I waste no time on choice or consumption;

My eyes no longer move down those invisible pages – the App takes care of that,

Giving me immediate cerebral ingestion, learning without struggle; a truly easy read.

When my Synth* Remotes me, it calls me Wire Woman, says I have forgotten how

To feel, that I’ve erased the pleasure of words unfolding in the slow-moving caravan

Of sentences and paragraphs, each one vibrant with colour, the taste and scent and

Breath of life all pinned like once-bright butterflies upon the wood-smelling page.

This lack does not disturb me.  Why would it?  I have access to everything I need.

* Synthetic Life Form

Easiread! Downloading Books Straight to Your Brain!

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