E4’s New Show: Gap Year

Pictured above: Gap Year’s executive producer Joel Wilson introducing a special preview screening at Curzon Soho

Gap years.

The badge of honour for sixth formers off to uni. The first page of their adult life story to be filled in. The source of endless, endless anecdotes.

I’d had quite enough of the gap year, frankly. That is until E4 took it on.

The new eight part romantic drama is set to air this Thursday 23rd of February, and follows a motley crew of travellers, covering Asia, heartbreak and high jinks.

The insufferable stereotypes we all know so well (the loud American tourist, the lads on holiday) are given a shake down and redressed as the loveable, laugh-out-loud comic crew that are the backbone of this new show. Shot entirely on location episodes are filmed in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpar, Penang and Nepal – but, despite absolutely stunning scenery – I have to say kudos to the team behind the TV, who didn’t rely on visuals and hooked us on the story.

The cast is as mixed as the characters, with Tim Key (Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa) giving his all as a middle aged man who refuses to grow up, to young actor Anders Hayward who shines as precocious philosophy student Dylan, despite this being his first TV appearance.

How do we know? We were lucky enough to be present at the E4 preview. We had dim sum afterwards. But don’t let me get off track, what I’m saying is, cancel any plans.

You’re booked in for tomorrow night; it’s on at 9pm.

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