Discover London: City Lit

Did you know there were still working Almshouses in Covent Garden? Or why precisely the Freemasons Hall got built? And that monument at Seven Dials, do you know its story? I learnt the history of all these and more on a walking tour around Historic Saint Giles and Seven Dials last week.

A guided walk around London might seem too touristy, a little obvious in a city you smugly think you know already. But as Londoners, we don’t always stop to take in the spaces around us. A walking tour is like a visit to the jewellers, they pick out some beautiful thing, buff it till it shines and hold it up to the magnifying glass for you to see properly.

As you can see, I’m more than a little enthused by the experience. Why not try it yourself? Or, if you think it’s still a little chilly for strolling around, pick something else. I did my walking tour through City Lit, a centre with tons of different courses to fill your time. Based in Holborn, they teach everything from astronomy, to Arabic, to photo etching. I challenge you to think of a hobby you’ve always longed to try that they don’t have on their programme!

Of course, it’s not all fun and games. I also attended a course on LinkedIn and was instructed on how to get the most out of the platform and how to use features I’d never heard of before. Just think of the bows you could add to your arrow, the skillset bulked out for your CV.

Ok, I guess I’m still gushing, but some things are worth getting excited about. You’d never find this amount opportunity in any other place or under one roof, it’s an extension of what makes London so special. And perhaps that’s why they call it City Lit.

To find out more please visit City Lit

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