Chinese New Year at The Dorchester

With Sir David Tang (left). Veronica Chou (right).

The BBC says that the biggest Chinese New Year celebrations outside of China happened in London. Inside China Tang’s at The Dorchester Hotel, we experienced a cosier and comfier affair.

Courtesy of Sir David Tang himself, Silas Chou, and his gracious, socialite daughter Veronica Chou; was a Chinese buffet-style menu. The Chou’s are the world renowned family you need to be paying attention to if you aren’t already, and have a love of fashion at your core.

The room was brimming at it’s scarlet seams with the golden stars of London today. Along with champagne and chow mein there was the vivacious personality of David Tang himself, which carried the vibe of the entire event. Accompanied by his starlet friends, including Kate Moss, Caroline Stanbury (Ladies of London), Viscount and Viscountess Weymouth, and the slightly less popular at the moment, but certainly the most charming of them all; Jeremy Clarkson.

Never has a lunch felt more like a party, dragon parade included!

With Caroline Stanbury from Ladies of London (left). With Naeem Tyab, Energy Financier (right).

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