Chi Asian Favourites: New Oxford Street

Vendors jostling passers-by in noisy passages, cooks a-cooking with lightning speed at stovetops in close quarters, and the scented fog of different dishes blending to inebriate the ravenous crowds. Theres an undeniable thrill to street food. 

Chi Restaurant was born in this setting. Just three years ago they were a fledgling Pan-Asian street food outlet, but, with the ferocious pace common in the culinary world, they have already opened the doors to a seated experience in New Oxford Street.

Out the pan, through the pass, and onto your palate with the same open kitchen dynamism as their curb-side roots, the restaurant maintains a lively energy whilst refining the street-side experience into a buzzy dining establishment.

‘We really want to have fun with the classic concept of a restaurant,’ Chi tell us. ‘Sticking to our street food roots, but twisting the Pan-Asian classics into a modern sharing concept. It’s something we love – and think other people will too!’

the restaurant maintains a lively energy whilst refining the street-side experience into a buzzy dining establishment. 

From crowd favourites like the classic Thai green curry, to the radical fusion of Korean beef short rib, avocado and garnishes in a taco; there’s no doubt the team (and their taste buds!) are having fun. The sharing-style approach further adds to the easy-going, flowing atmosphere: jovial, collective, and focused on sparking conversation. 

Chi Asian Favourites

The decision to have an open kitchen is not only a nod to their beginnings, but a chance to showcase the sheer skill of the chefs and the superior ingredients. ‘Quality has always been a huge focus for us!’ Chi says, ‘All of the beef baos are short-rib; they go through a twelve-hour cooking process. Everything goes through a loving, long process – because that’s what we believe makes the meal good.’

‘We have so much passion for the concept’, Chi continues. ‘It’s really taken off in our other locations, so we’re excited to welcome London through our doors!’ There may be other fusion restaurants in the area, but this is the one that’s going to be on everyone’s lips and in everyone’s bellies, so make sure you get in early. 



84 New Oxford Street




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