Scratch Nights & Showtime: Etch Theatre

Scratch Nights & Showtime: Etch Theatre

I already knew I had to write this piece on grassroots theatre, when in a fortuitous set of circumstances, I found myself seated next to Vicky Featherstone at a breakfast for UN Women. Here at last was someone who could help me order my thoughts on theatre, entrepreneurship and art!

E4’s New Show: Gap Year

The new eight part romantic drama is set to air this Thursday 23rd of February, and follows a motley crew of travellers, covering Asia, heartbreak and high jinks.

MELT Week: Gretchen Andrews

MELT Week: Gretchen Andrew

In a talk with London Film School, American artist Gretchen Andrew expounded on how she brought a bit of Silicon Valley to London with her. Often working…



MELT seeks to mix contemporary art with the reality of the cityscape around us. It’s a collaborative project which breaks art out of the box and hands…

Gazelli House

If you are looking for a place to rest your weary head after a hard days shop at Harrods, why not come and put your feet up at Gazelli House?

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