Campari Creates: Art Installation in Brick Lane

The sacred art of drinking, so well-known to us all, has been turned upside down. Now anyone passing by Brick Lane between today and Sunday will be able to drink in art.

Campari Creates’ new pop-up in East London is an installation, a living cocktail dreamt up by artist Mark McClure, who found inspiration in the way that light hits the ruby-red aperitivo. The gleaming jewel tones of the drink itself, like summer embers, are recreated in the 3D design of The Mostra, which nods to Campari’s futurist heritage and soaks the cocktail bar in reddish pinkish lights.

From the 1920s, the Italian liqueur brand had employed artists to design their posters, most notably hiring Fortunato Depero, a leading futurist of the early 20thcentury and an advertising visionary of sorts. To him, the publicity poster would become “the painting of the future”. The dynamic, occasionally abstract, always compelling, futurist adverts sold Campari; and solidified their reputation as an alcohol brand with a distinctly cultural bent.

So, if you wanted to be virtuous, you could say swinging by The Mostra was your homework for Frieze, a little – dare I say it – aperitif before Art Month in London is in full swing. And if you wanted to be sinful, you could just show up and stay all night. We promise there are enough Negronis for everyone.

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