James Crump

Selena Gomez – A Blank Canvas

This may not seem revolutionary, or even a recipe for success, but the experimentation will allow her to appeal to various demographics, whilst her variety will stop her brand becoming stale

La La Land Review

Musicals in the old style don’t come around very often. It’s been decades since we last saw Gene Kelly tapping his feet, or Debbie Reynolds wishing us a good morning. So a musical claiming to be in that vein, starring every straight boy’s favourite man, Ryan Gosling, seemed like the perfect antidote to the January blues

2017 album preview

This is supposed to be an article about the album I am most looking forward to this year. However, I am like, really generous, and like, really care about the plight of up and coming pop stars, so instead I have detailed below the 3 albums I am most looking forward to next year, and the one I am least looking forward to

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