James Crump

The Good Landlord Review

Performed in the rounds, with performers spinning as often as the estate agent spins her lies, The Good Landlord is an immersive, intimate piece of theatre

Vice Review

Whilst the political landscape all over the world confuses and upsets people in equal measure, Adam McKay (Stepbrothers and The Big Short) decided the time was right to make a film about confusing and upsetting politics.

The Square Review

The problem is that unlike Force Majeure that slowly unravelled from one moment, The Square focuses on scenes that show awkward moments, but without a narrative push to justify it.

Theatre Review: Austentatious

If you are not cash or time rich, then going to the theatre can seem like a luxury. If you add to this a show that is impossible to predict and whose quality is not guaranteed, then the decision to see Austentatious could be difficult. It shouldn’t be.

The Anti Rom-Com and The Search For Subversion

It’s fair to say that the traditional romantic comedy has been on a downward spiral for at least a couple of decades, and arguably since Hollywood’s Golden age. In response to this, the clever folk in Tinsletown started making what I will call “Anti rom – coms”.

Freaks and Geeks Review

Freaks and Geeks is that rare thing; a perfect television series. It was helped in part with being cancelled after just one eighteen episode season, allowing Paul Feig to finish the series in a way that shows the growth in the characters without falling into the narrative traps growth inevitably brings

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