James Crump

Sadie Clark: The Bisexual Bridget Jones

Deciding to live as queer is deciding to live authentically and although it has taken Sadie a long time to feel comfortable, she now feels more secure and able to navigate queer spaces, even if the same outside judgements still persist.

The Price Review

The 1968 Arthur Miller play is currently playing at The Wyndham theatre with David Suchet (My mum’s obsession) as the eccentric Gregory Solomon and Downtown Abbey’s Brendan Coyle as the stoic and suspicious Viktor Franz.

Gaylene Preston: A Filmmaker For Now

Gaylene Preston: A Filmmaker For Now

New Zealand filmmaker and activist Gaylene Preston is one of these standouts with amazing longevity. An admired director, she’s championed women and her homeland for the better part of 40 years, and her latest film MY YEAR WITH HELEN…

The White Crow Review

Fiennes shows us Nureyev as a child in the Soviet Union, as a teenager at a prestigious dance school in Moscow, and in Paris with his dance troupe, touring Europe.

The Kindergarten Teacher Review

The Kindergarten Teacher is not the film I expected it to be when it started, and it’s not the film I expected it to be 30 minutes in, 45 minutes in or even 15 minutes before the end of it’s brisk 97 minutes.

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