‘Auf Dem See’ by Erwin Olaf

Erwin Olaf captures both the immensity and the quiet beauty of the Netherlands in this transcendent dreamscape that feels shot through with mystery, straight out of a folk tale.


Titled ‘Auf Dem See’, he renders, in timeless black and white, a vast body of water against a backdrop of wild trees and mist so soft it barely registers on the senses. Three figures stand out in stark contrast to their background, reminding us how far we have moved away from the natural world – a key theme for his series, Im Wald (In the Wild).


GALLERY NAME: Hamiltons Gallery

ADDRESS: 13 Carlos Place London, W1K 2EU

AREA OF LONDON:  Central, Mayfair

FINAL DAY:  23rd of April

ENTRY:  Free

ARTIST INFO:  Erwin Olaf – Home | Erwin Olaf

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