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Welcome to LONDNR, where we cover a fast-paced city at a leisurely step.

We don’t do adverts, clickbait, celebrity stuff. We aren’t huge fans of gossip, and we can’t keep up with the news cycle. We shy away from quick-fix journalism, preferring to take our time telling a story.

But enough about what we’re not. For those who don’t know us yet, LONDNR is a print and digital publication and we focus on arts, culture and lifestyle in our capital. The quirky, the fun and the playful. The random, the uplifting, and the bizarre.

At the core of our ethos is a respect for the creative industries and we support writers and artists where we can, whether it be through our events, sponsorships or Photographic Residency scheme.

Think of LONDNR as indulgent reading for the curious mind, a retreat for the literary.



Nina-Sophia Miralles

Founder & Editor

Bradley Reynolds

Creative Director

James Crump

Publisher & Deputy Editor

Daniel Rex

Operations Manager

Staff Writers

Tom WallTom FaberJakob TannerAnna Orhanen
Tom WallTom FaberJakob TannerAnna Orhanen

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