A Way Forward: Working Together

Whisky. A Pipe. A dark room. A typewriter. No, I’m not describing the dingy office of a private detective. I’m talking, of course, about my favourite type of people: writers.

Usually thought of as reclusive, solitary types with personal problems, our talk, ‘A Way Forward: Working Together’, focused on debunking the myth of writers as loners.

In fact what we learnt from our brilliant industry insiders was that being a writer is everything BUT an individual task. There is constant communication necessary with staff in publishing houses or magazines, editors, agents, proof-readers and sometimes, other writers too.

Nina-Sophia Miralles, Editorial Director here at LONDNR moderated at Waterstones on Tottenham Court Road. The diversity of the speakers allowed us to hear from their experience in different parts of the industry.

Simon Nelson, Development Producer at the BBC Writers Room returned to tell us about script-writers, who often work from home, but usually keep in touch with each other daily through Facebook groups if they’re working on the same TV show. Julia Nicholson, Assistant Editor at Pushkin Press, told us everyone worked together at her office and often passed projects round, but that the literary world can still be very insular. Lisa Goll, founder of the London Writers Cafe said that it was important for creative writers to open up and share their work, so they can get feedback and hone their skills. Thea Hawlin, formerly Production Manager of The London Magazine (the oldest periodical in England!) explained the benefits of the internet allowing for more contact with remote journalists working from abroad.

Thank you to our audience; all of you who came to support us and stayed for wine and excited chatting with us afterwards!

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  • Christo James

    Will not be able to attend on June 7th., more’s the pity, but interested in future events of this type.

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