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Charli XCX at the MTV VMA Artist to Watch Concert

This is supposed to be an article about the album I am most looking forward to this year. However, I am like, really generous, and like, really care about the plight of up and coming pop stars, so instead I have detailed below the 2 albums I am most looking forward to this year, and the one I am least looking forward to. The reason for the depth of albumy goodness has nothing to do with the fact that I normally ask an 8 ball to make my decisions for me, and that the aforementioned 8 ball is broken. Just needed to clear that up. Anyway, the list:

Honourable mention:

Vic Mensa:

Vic Mensa is very talented and everyone should listen to his EP, “There is a Lot Going On”. However I refuse to properly put him on this list because he cancelled a gig I was going to, citing “recording commitments”. In retaliation I have taken him off my Christmas card correspondance. Make a good album Vic, and you’ll be back on it.

The runner up:

Hailee Steinfeld:

Steinfeld’s music is Taylor Swift, if Taylor Swift had ever been funny on purpose. It is witty, withering and promotes confidence all enclosed in catchy hooks and pure pop production. Does Pop need another Taylor Swift? No, but it does need Hailee Steinfeld.

The album I am least looking forward to this year:

JP Cooper:

JP Cooper is in his 30’s. Yet for his latest single, “Summer Song”, he decided to sing about a romance he had at the tender age of 15. “Cute”, you might think. Wrong. During this song he whines (The only way to describe his voice) about still playing the mixtape on repeat, and declares that the woman he hasn’t spoken to in nearly two decades we always be his. This is all creepy and hugely problematic. Maybe this would have become an issue in the media if was song was good enough to even register as a thing to people.

The album I am most looking forward to this year:

Charlie XCX:

At a party (Yes I have been to parties/party) I heard Charlie XCX’s glorious “Famous” playing. I excitedly ran/ stumbled over to the host and slurred “OH My God, I Love Charlie XCX, She Is So Good Right”? The host turned to me and smiled the way a Mother smiles when about to patronise her child in idyllic suburbia, and replied “Yeah, it’s really great music to listen to with my 8 year old niece”. This is top-notch shade; there is no doubt about it. However I shrugged this comment off as that is exactly why I love Charli’s music, and because alcohol.

The new album seems likely to follow on this party path, with her newest single, After the Afterparty bringing the feel good vibes, and possibly serving as Charli’s call for help with her party addiction.

To help Charli with this horrible affliction please text HELPCHARLI with the amount you would like to donate. Any donation is welcome and will DEFINITELY not be spent on partying.

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