Kensington & Chelsea Art Weekend

KENSINGTON + CHELSEA ART WEEKEND (KCAW) will take place on the last weekend of June (28th – 30th) as THE new fixture to the capital’s summer calendar of fun. Public Art installations by artists like James Capper, Tom Dale and Laura Ford,  art workshops and trails, walking, biking and bus tours, food workshops and an algorithm dance rave event, plus over 100 exhibitions and events, will provide the public with a one-off opportunity to experience and interact with the borough like never before. This year the focus is on Public Art whereby there will be a number of thought provoking art installations strategically placed in various locations, to consciously interact with the public in unique and unusual ways.


As part of the Public Art Trail, in collaboration with the Great Exhibition Road Festival, James Capper’s walking robotic sculpture will definitely be something to watch out for along the Exhibition Road! The mamouth insect-like creature is part of the artist’s Earth Marking series of kinetic-sculpture works, where industrial machines, engineering, science and art are employed to create progressive-near-fururistic like performances within the landscape.


Also don’t miss the free Algorave on Saturday night at The Museum of Brands: This latest clubbing trend sees nerdy artists and DJs with PHDs bring people together with music and visuals composed solely from algorithms and live coding. KCAW has managed to secure one of its stars, Antonio Roberts who is an artist and curator for the Tate and the V & A. Reserve tickets here
Art-wise there is obviously lots to choose from, but one event we’re particularly excited about is the Sloane Square ‘adventure’  island called Naming the Horizon, created by Tom Dale, Lily Jencks Design Studio and the Museum of Architecture.


Sloane Square’s traffic island will be transformed into an ‘adventure’ island made up of found objects and curiosities to echo those collected by one of the Enlightenment Era’s leading figures, Sir Hans Sloane (whose enormous collection contributed to London’s major institutions such as the British Museum, British Library and the Natural History Museum). Playing artfully with materials, scale and location the ‘interactive’ installation will include deep sea navigation buoys that employ a formal colour coding system, assigning a visual language to the ‘unknown and unseen’. Text and visual clues placed on the ground and across the tree canopies will help the public to navigate this surreal island where the farthest lands, the deepest waters, and outer space can all be explored at once! This will all be supported by talks and performances at the site and aims to be educational, fun, absurd and accessible to as many people as possible.


As we know Summer IS Festival Season for everyone! And Kensington and Chelsea Art Weekend have pulled out all the stops to turn the borough into one fluid, cultural and artistic museum-turned-walk-through-playground, for the public to enjoy a feast of free delights and events. As the festival’s Director Vestalia Chilton puts it, this year is all about ‘unveiling the unexpected and highlighting the extraordinary local spirit unique to the area’.

Some parts of the core programme are starting to pop up under the ‘early-bird section’ of the website with full programme published the end of May.


Follow the action on Twitter @KCAWLondon, or Instagram @kcawlondon