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Featuring insightful essays, intriguing histories and beautifully written fashion edits, we focus on the arts, culture and lifestyle in our capital.

A print and digital publication, we shy away from quick-fix journalism, preferring to take our time telling a story. At the core of our ethos is a respect for the creative industries and we support writers and artists where we can, whether it be through our events, sponsorships or Photographic Residency scheme.

Londnr Magazine’s first ever issue, Origin Stories, has finally landed.

As eclectic as our namesake city, Issue #0 is packed to the brim with the painstaking storytelling we’re famous for.

Intriguing histories are set beside curious capers; thought-provoking features are balanced by beautifully curated art editorials. In fact, we’ve put our soul into providing a first edition suitably packed with wit, whimsy and wonder.

We very much hope you’ll join us on this page-turning new journey at Londnr. Happy reading!